Studio Kluif Dutch Design Cowboys

Dutch Design Cowboys

Studio Kluif never ceases to amaze with their magical and attractive designs
€19,99 Incl. tax
Joyce Yee, Emma Jefferies and Lauren Tan Design Transitions

Design Transitions

This book explores transitions in design practice and features ‘untold stories of innovative design practices from around the world.
€35,00 Incl. tax
George Lois LOIS Logos

LOIS Logos

George Lois is an icon in graphic design and author of the bestseller Damn Good Advice. LOIS Logos showcases his logos with his own comments on why they work and what makes them successful.
€24,99 Incl. tax
Sabine Wildevuur, Dick van Dijk, Anne Äyväri, Mie Bjerre, Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen and Jesper Lund Connect


Creating environments that support, amplify and motivate those things in life that are important for improving wellbeing.
€32,00 Incl. tax
Ralph Burkhardt Hotchpotch


A book about little-known (un)useful facts from the creative field. It’s structured as a dictionary and it includes meaningful information, idle gossip and anecdotes from A to Z.
€14,99 Incl. tax
Frans de Groot The Seven Laws of Guaranteed Growth

The Seven Laws of Guaranteed Growth

The BITSING growth model is a scientifically proven methodology and predicts results by using facts. It's hugely successful in The Netherlands and now available in English. A humbug free, action oriented, visual business book that works!
€32,00 Incl. tax
Stefanie Jansen and Maarten Pieters The 7 Principles of Complete Co-Creation

The 7 Principles of Complete Co-Creation

This practical, comprehensive how-to co-create handbook provides a unique and practical view on co-creation, placing end-users at the core of any co-creation process.
€35,00 Incl. tax
Sam Bucolo Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

Are our innovation efforts aligned to the challenges of our times? With so much being written on design thinking, why do so many firms struggle to adopt this mindset and make this transition?
€17,99 Incl. tax
Deborah Wietzes and Beate van Dongen Crombags CEX Sells

CEX Sells

Customer EXperience (CEX) is hot! But nowadays it gets harder and harder for companies to be distinctive. This book contains a broad collection of cases that show how front-runners world-wide have optimized their customer experience.
€32,00 Incl. tax
Gaby Crucq-Toffolo and Sanne Knitel Concept Code

Concept Code

This book guides you through every stage of bringing an idea to life and to let it grow into a fully matured concept. It’s a practical guide to effectively improve ideas, policies, products, and services.
€32,00 Incl. tax
Matthijs van Dijk and Paul Hekkert VIP Vision in Design

VIP Vision in Design

Vision in Design strikes a good balance between structuring the process of design while allowing the designers to take a personal position and fully express themselves in producing a product. ViP is both a method and a design philosophy.
€32,00 Incl. tax
Simos Vamvakidis Innovative Architecture Strategies

Innovative Architecture Strategies

This book presents design strategies that vary in form, function and intent. The common denominator is the alternative/experimental approach of combining both private and public spaces.
€12,99 Incl. tax
Joyce Yee, Emma Jefferies and Kamil Michlewski Transformations


Design is now the key driver of innovation and change within organizations across the globe. Learn how, when and why to use design to drive change in your organization.
€32,00 Incl. tax
Conny Bakker, Ed van Hinte, Yvo Zijlstra Design for Sustainability Survival Guide

Design for Sustainability Survival Guide

Design for Sustainability Survival Guide concerns all the details on applying sustainability requirements in design.
€19,99 Incl. tax
Celiane Camargo-Borges, Sheila McNamee Design Thinking and Social Construction

Design Thinking and Social Construction

Introduces the Constructionist Research Design Process as a framework for research that is creative, transformative and innovative.
€31,99 Incl. tax
Barbara Doran Creative Reboot

Creative Reboot

A practical guide for change-makers, this must-read book helps you to tap into the powers of imagination and amp-up creativity.
€31,99 Incl. tax
Koos Eissen and Roselien Steur Sketching Paperback

Sketching Paperback

An incredibly broad and practical survey of sketching techniques for product designers. It goes without saying that the book is suited for the classroom, but every design studio will also find this manual an asset.
€29,99 Incl. tax
Koos Eissen and Roselien Steur Sketching -Product Design Presentation

Sketching -Product Design Presentation

After the worldwide success of Sketching and Sketching: the Basics the authors now shift their focus from ‘how to sketch’ to ‘why to sketch’.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Dr. Giulia Calabretta, Prof. Gerda Gemser and Dr. Ingo Karpen Strategic Design

Strategic Design

This book proposes eight strategic design practices for design professionals who seek to grow or have already grown into a more strategic role in innovation.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Michiel Schwarz and Diana Krabbendam Sustainist Design Guide

Sustainist Design Guide

This book provides a framework for social design in the sustainist era, a perspective for co-designing a life-world that is more connected, more shared, more localist and more sustainable.
€19,99 Incl. tax
Baires Raffaelli The Fast Guide to Architectural Form

The Fast Guide to Architectural Form

While staying on theoretical ground, this book is foremost a visual guide. It’s practical and guides you to the basic forms and shapes in architectural planning and design.
€13,99 Incl. tax
Christof Zürn The Power of Music Thinking

The Power of Music Thinking

• Perfect for entrepreneurial minds looking to craft a strong and sound business
• A new perspective on leadership with practical exercises and playlists
• Music Thinking shows a new path to collaboration in a unique visual language
€19,99 Incl. tax
Aga Szóstek The Umami Strategy

The Umami Strategy

The Umami Strategy proposes a novel approach that will help you build and execute an experience strategy that is inspirational, aspirational and motivational.
€34,99 €29,99 Incl. tax
Jeroen van Erp Think Like a Designer, Don't Act Like One

Think Like a Designer, Don't Act Like One

75 inspiring, educational and sometimes hilarious insights in the adventurous minds of the designer
€14,99 Incl. tax
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