Jan Karel Mak Think Like an Engineer, Don't Act Like One

Think Like an Engineer, Don't Act Like One

The latest addition in the Think Like a Pro - series, which focuses on the thoughts of engineers!
€14,99 Incl. tax
Majid Iqbal Thinking in Services

Thinking in Services

Revolutionary theory on services, diving into the DNA of services and vocalizing a framework that forms the foundation of each service.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Johan Idema A Spectator is an Artist Too

A Spectator is an Artist Too

'A Spectator is an Artist Too' is a visual essay about human behaviour around art: what happens when we are confronted with something immensely beautiful, challenging or puzzling?
€18,99 Incl. tax
Melis Senova This Human

This Human

‘This Human’ is a great book about the person who is doing the designing and for people who are passionate and determined to have a positive impact with their work.
€31,99 Incl. tax
Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider This is Service Design Thinking (PB)

This is Service Design Thinking (PB)

How to design and market services to create outstanding customer experiences. The first practical book for companies, insitutions and governments that deliver a service.
€32,99 Incl. tax
Marcus Kraft Don't Talk Just Kiss

Don't Talk Just Kiss

A sequel to the bestseller Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow. Filled with famous advice songs, Don’t Talk Just Kiss is the perfect gift for lovers and is a must have for music lovers of all ages!
€17,99 Incl. tax
Willemien Brand Visual Doing

Visual Doing

Sequel to Visual Thinking: Learn how to show and share your ideas in a fun, clear and compelling way so you can inspire, engage and activate yourself and others.
€22,99 Incl. tax
Marcus Kraft Don't Eat the Yellow Snow

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow

We all know them. We have memories about them. But have we ever really taken them to heart? 250 beautifully illustrated advice songs from pop music history.
€17,99 Incl. tax
Willemien Brand Visual Thinking

Visual Thinking

Visual thinking is important in today’s business settings. This book provides you the skills to develop your own style and teaches you how to generate change by integrating visual communication.
€22,99 Incl. tax
Walter Vandervelde When the Box is the Limit

When the Box is the Limit

Restraints accelerate creativity, the driving force behind innovation. This book provides multiple inspiring examples and techniques on how to use natural or self-imposed constraints to the benefit of creativity and innovation.
€24,99 Incl. tax
Anne Miltenburg Brand the Change

Brand the Change

Think like a brand strategist, develop unique brand experiences and attract the right audiences.
€31,99 Incl. tax
Erik Bär and Stan Boshouwers Worlds of Wonder

Worlds of Wonder

Modern organizations are looking for ways to really engage their clients. Consumers become audiences, looking for true and heartfelt experiences. This book provides answers for everyone who wants to turn this into reality.
€39,99 Incl. tax
Susanne P. Radtke Intercultural Design Basics

Intercultural Design Basics

Intercultural Design Basics is an intercultural and innovative approach to design education. The book gives intercultural insights when discussing the basic principles of design, typography and color theory.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Franziska Liebig and Julian Reale People Facts

People Facts

This book deals with 100+ bizarre, revealing and funny facts about humans! Whether they are biological, psychological, cultural or natural; in this beautifully illustrated volume, the craziest aspects of human evolution are gathered.
€15,99 Incl. tax
Mieke Gerritzen & Geert Lovink Made in China, Designed in California, Criticised in Europe

Made in China, Designed in California, Criticised in Europe

The book is a critical look at the design world with its various design disciplines and how these have developed in the past 10 years. 'Made in China, Designed in California, Criticised in Europe' is for professional designers that care about design.
€12,99 Incl. tax
Geurt Jan de Heus Mastering the Art of Negotiation

Mastering the Art of Negotiation

The art of negotiation is in searching together for possibilities that serve as many interests as possible. In times where ‘win as much as you can’ is on the rise worldwide, this is a refreshing alternative.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Willemien Brand My Icon Library

My Icon Library

My Icon Library is an essential collection of impactful images that will empower you to embark on your own journey of visual thinking and storytelling.
€18,99 Incl. tax
Jess Henderson Offline Matters

Offline Matters

€15,99 Incl. tax
Gijs van Wulfen Online Innovation

Online Innovation

Online Innovation inspires you with effective online collaboration tools, techniques, methods and rules to kick-start you to innovate your work and your organisation 100% online.
€27,99 Incl. tax
Jeroen van Geel Pitching Ideas

Pitching Ideas

Find the essence of the idea you want to get across and convince the right people.
€17,99 Incl. tax
Melis Senova Design Character

Design Character

Design Character helps the reader peel back their own layers, finding the ‘who’ at the centre of their design practices.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Dorte Nielsen and Sarah Thurber The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker Paperback

The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker Paperback

Supported by the latest neuroscience, this book gives you hands-on advice on how to enhance your own creativity. An inspiring combination of theory, techniques, anecdotes and exercises to help you access better ideas and bigger breakthroughs.
€22,99 Incl. tax
Lucy Kimbell The Service Innovation Handbook

The Service Innovation Handbook

This is an action-oriented book for managers and entrepreneurs searching ways to tackle issues they face in terms of developing and delivering services. The book focuses on service organizations, with a broad interpretation of services.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Ramon Vullings Great Leaders Mix and Match

Great Leaders Mix and Match

In this book, you will learn how to become a leader that can adapt and shift the way you approach problem-solving, by creating solutions that will address several challenges at once.
€19,99 Incl. tax
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Our business books cover a diverse range of topics that are relevant to professionals across various industries. Whether you’re interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, branding or design thinking, we have a book to cater to your specific interests. These educational, thought provoking books offer fresh perspectives and valuable insights from industry experts and thought leaders. Serving as a source of inspiration, these practical guides help individuals navigate the complexities of the business world.

Moreover, our business gift books offer a refreshing departure from traditional business literature, since they blend practical advice with elements of storytelling, creativity and design to create a unique reading experience. Though compelling narratives, case studies and visual examples, our books provide valuable lessons and captivate readers. Our combination of informative content and engaging presentation sets BIS Publishers’ books apart and makes them a standout choice for anyone seeking an enriching and enjoyable reading experience. Feel free to explore titles like “Delft Design Guide”, “Visual Thinking” and “Good Services”.

In sum, BIS Publishers’ business gift books are a delightful blend of knowledge and inspiration, making them an ideal choice for anyone interested in business, entrepreneurship or creativity. With our business gift books, you or your gift recipient can discover new ideas, gain valuable insights and be inspired to reach new heights in your professional or personal journey.

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