Intercultural Design Basics

Advancing Cultural and Social Awareness Through Design

Intercultural Design Basics is an intercultural and innovative approach to design education. The book gives intercultural insights when discussing the basic principles of design, typography and color theory.
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Susanne P. Radtke
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Intercultural Design Basics is a must-have guide to intercultural design that provides valuable insights into designers from around the world, including undiscovered designers from regions such as Africa and Asia.

This book educates on the topic of design education with an innovative approach, enabling readers to pick up key strategy insights that will help them to reimagine the way they think about and approach design.

Learn about various types of global perspectives, societal and cultural differences, and methodologies that will broaden your level of understanding within the field of design. 

Prepare to be inspired by the range of different design methods and techniques from a bunch of successful international designers. What’s more, for the young technology-minded readers, the book also comes with an accompanying app, meaning that you can explore the concepts and approaches in two vastly different ways. This can help to inspire individuals whose minds for design operate differently. 

An app is also created to work hand in hand with Intercultural Design Basics. The pair make the theoretical background of the book visually and auditorily intriguing and engaging by using AR, animations, games, and videos. This unique combination of diverse instructional materials ensures flexibility and relevance.


Susanne P. Radtke is a professor for Graphic and Media Design at Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Germany. She graduated in Visual Communications from Berlin University of the Arts and studied, among others, with renowned teachers from the School of Design Ulm (HfG), the successor of the Bauhaus in Germany. Her graduate degree was followed by her Master-Class Student Degree (Meisterschüler in 1988) under Prof. Herbert W. Kapitzki, former Head of Visual Communication at the HfG. She is co-author of Textbook for Visual Media Design, which is required reading at many German design schools. She set up her graphic design office in 1987, and now has bases in Berlin and Ulm.

Since 2009, Radtke has been developing and running intercultural design workshops, mainly in Southeast Asia and the USA. Her research field is naturally connected with her intercultural design workshops. She has participated in design and education conferences in Asia and Europe, and has published papers on those proceedings. Radtke has vast experience in international design education.


"The book discusses the foundations of design from a multicultural approach, which is a valuable addition to the existing euro-centric design books. This kind of effort is quickly becoming an urgency for this kind of publication. Through her book, Radtke is inclusive of a variety of cultures which allows a more open and inclusive definition of design foundations and notions. It also offers insights from the different cultures through the juxtaposition of a range of different pedagogies, teasing the widely accepted definitions. Additionally, this book redefines the format of a publication with an accompanying app, adding another layer to its educational purpose and making it more accessible to the tech-oriented generation." — Haytham Nawar, renowned author, dean and Arabic design networker

"A valuable book that certainly connects to the current challenges of today's design students. It has a convincing didactic structure and guides the reader from fundamental aspects to communicative and cultural insights to intercultural perspectives. It is also noteworthy that Susanne Radtke's book remains on my desk and serves as a reference work and fountain of inspiration from time to time. I can imagine that this will continue in future." — Hans P. Brandt, influential expert in corporate identity and design from the Netherlands

"Inspiring, comprehensive and well-organized. This book can not only help students to grasp the fundamental elements of graphic designs, but will also inspire design professionals with its collection of outstanding works from international artists. Books like this are very hard to come by." — Sophia Shish, rewarded graphic designer and professor from Taiwan

"A superb concept and very informative in all its intercultural design aspects! I will recommend it to my students." — Giorgos Mathiopoulos, Prof. at University of West Attica and influential expert in Greek typography 

"Professor Susanne Radtke has extensive experience in international design education through the agency of her research and orchestrated intercultural design student workshops. In her new book Intercultural Design Basics—an exemplary primer on the basic principles of visual language strategies viewed through the lens of international creatives and design educators—she reveals a unique approach to intercultural design education. This text is highly recommended for both students and educators who are looking to broaden their worldwide perspective on design." — Elizabeth Resnick, US, professor, design curator and author

"It is wonderful to see the publication of this highly professional book, which showcases design education in its own attractive design. The diversity and complexity of the projects from various countries presented in the book provide an excellent opportunity for exchange in the industry. It includes Chinese typography for the first time, a particularly meaningful contribution. I congratulate you on your stunning success with this new book." — Huang Li, China, editor and design curator

"The whole book reads like a magazine that is worth flipping through again and again. Very different designers and their work are presented, there are interviews and descriptions that make it clear that design without social competence is not only much less effective, but also simply ignorant. A plea against the mainstream." — Annja Weinberger, marketing and PR expert

"This is a must-read book! It highlights the importance of communication and links educational methodologies to individual creativity. All topics, from typography and design theories to semiotics are explained in an easy and transparent way. The book is a fascinating journey through international design, with a wealth of inspiration from international educators and design practitioners. A highly useful tool for educators and design students alike. It comes with an app, providing a fascinating virtual experience with games, galleries, augmented reality and much more. Intercultural Design Basics is the key to ‘making things happen and getting results’, not only in design. It is a key gateway to intercultural communication!" — Agnieszka Ziemiszewska, Polish graphic designer, educator and art curator


"A valuable book that certainly connects to the current challenges of today's design students." — Hans P. Brandt, influential expert in corporate identity and design from the Netherlands


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