People Facts

An Extraordinary List of Strange and Wildly Witty Things About You

This book deals with 100+ bizarre, revealing and funny facts about humans! Whether they are biological, psychological, cultural or natural; in this beautifully illustrated volume, the craziest aspects of human evolution are gathered.
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Franziska Liebig and Julian Reale
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People Facts is the type of book that appeals to the curious and strange part of our minds that poses questions that aren’t normally answered, or asks questions that are so funny and ridiculous that we’d never even considered them. But this book doesn’t just contain weird things, it provides you with a range of useful, funny, and interesting facts!

Prepare to explore over 100 different types of funny facts, informative facts, cultural facts, human body facts, human behaviour facts, and truly bizarre facts that will keep you wondering for weeks on end!

This is the perfect book for parties, for use as conversation starters, for family events and get-togethers, for a bit of fun, or even for classroom situations when you need to quickly get your students’ minds stimulated. Furthermore, it can be used if you want to break the ice and get everyone in the right mood to learn.


After studying Communication Design in Cologne, Franziska Liebig founded the photo agency Edith images, a platform for analogue and artistic photography. She also worked as a freelancer in the cultural industry and did graphic design for theater companies and foundations. Since 2015 she has worked as Art Director in a German fashion company. She also holds an honorary position as a lay judge at the Cologne Regional court.

Julian Reale studied media and cultural studies in Dusseldorf. After working in the cultural industry in New York City, he worked in a software design agency on conceptions of digital appearances for international clients. For several years, he has been working as an audience researcher for a global news provider. He lives in Cologne.





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