Lick It: Challenge the way you experience food

Over the course of 24 unique food challenges, 30 chapters of alternate angles, and countless insights from food design theory, Lick It will radically transform your relationship to food.
Marije Vogelzang
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Through 24 unique challenges, a diverse range of angles, and detailed insights into the world of food design, Lick It will radically transform your relationship to food.

Whether mealtimes are your favourite part of the day or you're in the camp of ‘eat to live' rather than ‘live to eat, this book will help you reshape how you think about food. Much more than just body fuel, food is political, it’s social, it’s exciting and constantly shifting and changing. 

With a striking balance between creative tools and cutting-edge theory, these 30 chapters will examine everything from food politics and sex to hunger and queer food. Lick It is not a cookbook. Rather, it’s an ultimate food experience, helping you challenge your mind and expand your mouth.

*Also available in Dutch (Make a choice)


Marije Vogelzang is a pioneer in the field of eating design, being credited as the first designer that focused on food as their medium. Her early work revolved around food installations and experimental dinners, opening experimental restaurants across The Netherlands. In 2008, she published her first book, EAT LOVE, which covered the first 10 years of her glittering career. 

Continuing to change and expand the field of eating design, her work has been acknowledged globally. Alongside giving conferences on her work around the world, she was one of Fast Company’s Top 100 most creative people in business and was a finalist of the World Technology Awards in the design section.

From 2014-2022, she was the head of the FOOD NON FOOD department at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Many consider Vogelzang a ‘Grand dame’ in the field of eating design (De Volkskrant) for her continual contributions and innovations within this field. 




Available from November 2022 - €19,99

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