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Graphic & Communication

Willemien Brand My Icon Library

My Icon Library

My Icon Library is an essential collection of impactful images that will empower you to embark on your own journey of visual thinking and storytelling.
€18,99 Incl. tax
Gemma Lawrence Creative Block

Creative Block

Creative Block is filled with over 100 tasks to get your head into a conceptual and creative space, encouraging experimentation and playfulness in art.
€17,99 Incl. tax
Aga Szóstek The Umami Strategy

The Umami Strategy

The Umami Strategy proposes a novel approach that will help you build and execute an experience strategy that is inspirational, aspirational and motivational.
€35,00 Incl. tax
Jörn Hurtienne, Diana Löffler, Clara Hüsch, Daniel Reinhardt, Robert Tscharn & Stephan Huber Happy is Up, Sad is Down

Happy is Up, Sad is Down

We think, feel and talk in metaphors. Why not use them for design? Feeling down? Cheer up!
€22,00 Incl. tax
Michael Youngblood, Benjamin Chesluk & Nadeem Haidary Rethinking Users

Rethinking Users

'Rethinking Users' introduces a radical new approach that questions some of our most fundamental ideas about the nature of user experience.
€29,99 Incl. tax
Dorte Nielsen and Katrine Granholm Creative Thinker's Rethink Book

Creative Thinker's Rethink Book

Creative Thinker’s Rethink Book trains your ability see and make connections - the underlying mechanism that helps you to think creatively. It will exercise your mind with over a hundred different activities.
€15,99 Incl. tax
Ana Bender Creative Content Kit

Creative Content Kit

Creative Content Kit is the ultimate tool for developing an effective marketing strategy, generating great ideas, and developing exciting and engaging content.
€19,99 Incl. tax
Adam Stones Influence


When you want to change the world, how do you get the world on board? Influence builds the communications skills of changemakers and entrepreneurs to increase your impact.
€20,99 Incl. tax
Drew de Soto Know Your Onions - Corporate Identity

Know Your Onions - Corporate Identity

This book is a broad introduction to identity design and shows you how to do it, whether you are new to the sector or honing your skills.
€17,99 Incl. tax
Ingeborg Bloem & Klaus Kempenaars Branded Protest

Branded Protest

A reference tool for the branding of current protest developments in context with historic relevant protest movements.
€29,99 Incl. tax
Paulina Larocca and Tony Ibbotson Connecting


How to cultivate your creativity to live a more emotionally rewarding life?
€19,99 Incl. tax
Dorte Nielsen and Katrine Granholm Het jonge creatieve denkers werkboek
dutch language

Het jonge creatieve denkers werkboek

Dit is een creatief werkboek vol leuke oefeningen, uitdagingen en interessante activiteiten waarmee kinderen hun creatief denkvermogen kunnen verbeteren.
€15,99 Incl. tax
Dorte Nielsen and Sarah Thurber The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker Paperback

The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker Paperback

Supported by the latest neuroscience, this book gives you hands-on advice on how to enhance your own creativity. An inspiring combination of theory, techniques, anecdotes and exercises to help you access better ideas and bigger breakthroughs.
€20,99 Incl. tax
Paul Ketelaar, Jan Aarts, Sanne Demir 23 Innovations in Digital Communication

23 Innovations in Digital Communication

Render deep insights into how innovative digital media can be used to influence buying behaviour and decision-making
€39,00 Incl. tax
Willemien Brand Visual Doing Workbook

Visual Doing Workbook

Create clear and compelling layouts; this workbook focusses on flipcharts and more complex drawings and how to tie together different elements.
€11,99 Incl. tax
Willemien Brand Visual Thinking Workbook

Visual Thinking Workbook

Drawing people and interactions, highlights simple ways of drawing people, emotions and interactions.
€11,99 Incl. tax
Willemien Brand Visual Doing

Visual Doing

Sequel to Visual Thinking: Learn how to show and share your ideas in a fun, clear and compelling way so you can inspire, engage and activate yourself and others.
€21,99 Incl. tax
Erik Bär and Stan Boshouwers Worlds of Wonder

Worlds of Wonder

Modern organizations are looking for ways to really engage their clients. Consumers become audiences, looking for true and heartfelt experiences. This book provides answers for everyone who wants to turn this into reality.
€39,00 Incl. tax
Donald Roos Don't/Do This - Game

Don't/Do This - Game

This game stimulates creativity through limitation. It picks up where Don't Read This Book - Time Management for Creative People leaves off.
€15,00 Incl. tax
Jeroen van Geel Pitching Ideas

Pitching Ideas

Find the essence of the idea you want to get across and convince the right people.
€16,99 Incl. tax
Anne Miltenburg Brand the Change

Brand the Change

Think like a brand strategist, develop unique brand experiences and attract the right audiences.
€32,00 Incl. tax
Deborah Wietzes and Beate van Dongen Crombags CEX Sells

CEX Sells

Customer EXperience (CEX) is hot! But nowadays it gets harder and harder for companies to be distinctive. This book contains a broad collection of cases that show how front-runners world-wide have optimized their customer experience.
€32,00 Incl. tax
Roland van der Vorst Contrarian Branding

Contrarian Branding

Contrarian Branding is a must for brands eager to stand out. It explains how you use polarity; a sophisticated technique to set brands apart from all other competitors in a radical way.
€17,99 €9,99 Incl. tax
Galit Ariel Augmenting Alice

Augmenting Alice

This book targets a broad audience and context of augmented reality, focusing at present and future societal impact and value of Augmented Reality. It contains an augmented layer, providing an interactive experience and additional information.
€35,00 Incl. tax
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