BIS Publishers is a top quality publishing house that has been creating exceptional books in the fields of creativity, business, and design for more than three decades. Their vast collection of books caters to a diverse audience, including kids and adults

Paulina Larocca Creativity+


Creativity+ is a toolkit that will inspire, challenge and transform you by showing you how you can infuse creative thinking into all aspects of your life.
€14,99 €14,99 Incl. tax
Lou Downe Good Services

Good Services

A practical book for practitioners and non-practitioners alike interested in better service delivery, this book is the definitive new guide to designing services that work for users.
€19,99 Incl. tax
Koos Eissen and Roselien Steur Sketching Paperback

Sketching Paperback

An incredibly broad and practical survey of sketching techniques for product designers. It goes without saying that the book is suited for the classroom, but every design studio will also find this manual an asset.
€29,99 Incl. tax
Dorte Nielsen and Sarah Thurber The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker Paperback

The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker Paperback

Supported by the latest neuroscience, this book gives you hands-on advice on how to enhance your own creativity. An inspiring combination of theory, techniques, anecdotes and exercises to help you access better ideas and bigger breakthroughs.
€22,99 Incl. tax
Dorte Nielsen and Katrine Granholm Little Creative Thinker's Exercise Book

Little Creative Thinker's Exercise Book

For kids age 4 to 12 that are eager to indulge in exercises to enhance their innate creativity
€15,99 Incl. tax
Gijs van Wulfen Inspiration for Innovation

Inspiration for Innovation

The 101 lessons in this book make you dream, think and act like a successful innovator.
€14,99 Incl. tax
Geurt Jan de Heus Alles is onderhandelen

Alles is onderhandelen

Het is zowel mogelijk als noodzakelijk om samen waarde te creëren. Nu de populariteit van ‘zoveel mogelijk willen winnen’ lijkt toe te nemen, is dit een verfrissend alternatief.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Products That Last

Products That Last

An innovative and practical methodology to unravel a product’s afterlife and systematically evaluate it for new opportunities.
€29,99 Incl. tax
Paul Ketelaar, Jan Aarts, Sanne Demir 23 Innovations in Digital Communication

23 Innovations in Digital Communication

Understand current and future innovations in the media landscape to raise awareness of and give advice on the potential benefits and drawback of new communication technologies and practices helping to inform public and commercial debate and decisions.
€39,99 Incl. tax
Gemma Lawrence Creative Block

Creative Block

Creative Block is filled with over 100 tasks to get your head into a conceptual and creative space, encouraging experimentation and playfulness in art.
€18,99 Incl. tax
The Innovation Matrix

The Innovation Matrix

Simplify and structure your innovation management and strategy: through three key steps you build an Innovation and IP Strategy.
€29,99 Incl. tax
Peter Jones, Kristel van Ael Design Journeys through Complex Systems

Design Journeys through Complex Systems

A designer’s handbook to learn systemic design tools to engage stakeholder groups in collaborative design to address complex societal systems.
€39,99 Incl. tax


Ink is the first in an exciting new practical-art series on popular mediums, including acrylic, oil, pencil and gouache. Covering painting techniques, creative ideas and applications, and the fun of mixing with other mediums.
€17,99 Incl. tax
Gijs van Wulfen The Innovation Expedition

The Innovation Expedition

The Innovation Expedition does for innovation what Alexander Osterwalder's mega bestseller Business Model Generation did for business modeling: it makes a complicated business subject very accessible by telling the story in a visual way.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Donald Roos & Anne de Bruijn Don't Buy this Book

Don't Buy this Book

Make the right choices to achieve your goals as a creative entrepreneur
€19,99 Incl. tax
Branded Protest

Branded Protest

A reference tool for the branding of current protest developments in context with historic relevant protest movements.
€29,99 Incl. tax
Drew de Soto Know Your Onions - Corporate Identity

Know Your Onions - Corporate Identity

This book is a broad introduction to identity design and shows you how to do it, whether you are new to the sector or honing your skills.
€19,99 Incl. tax
Marije Vogelzang Lick It (EN)

Lick It (EN)

Over the course of 32 unique food challenges, 22 chapters of alternate angles, and countless insights from food design theory, Lick It will radically transform your relationship to food.
€19,99 Incl. tax
Aga Szóstek Leadership by Design

Leadership by Design

Nobody is born a leader - we grow to be one. Through self-development, guiding tasks and activities, and interdisciplinary theory, Leadership by Design will help you become the leader you’ve always believed you can be.
€24,99 Incl. tax
Sofie Beier Type Tricks: User Design

Type Tricks: User Design

What to consider when choosing fonts in difficult reading situations including signage, small point sizes, glance-like reading or scanning? But also what to look out for when designing for struggling readers.
€16,99 Incl. tax
Nimrod Kamer The Social Climber's Handbook

The Social Climber's Handbook

Some people are obsessively invested in climbing the social ladder. Author Nimrod Kamer (Vice, GQ) has first-hand experience in penetrating a world that’s obsessed with status.
€9,99 Incl. tax
George Lois LOIS Logos

LOIS Logos

George Lois is an icon in graphic design and author of the bestseller Damn Good Advice. LOIS Logos showcases his logos with his own comments on why they work and what makes them successful.
€24,99 Incl. tax
Paulina Larocca and Tony Ibbotson Connecting


How to cultivate your creativity to live a more emotionally rewarding life?
€19,99 Incl. tax
Mark Muckenheim and Juliane Demel Inspiration


A comprehensive overview of emerging new design methods and techniques.• New design methods for architecture• Inspiration is a visual feast with a hundreds of beautiful form studies
• Includes practical as well as academic background analyses
€35,00 Incl. tax
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As a top quality publishing house, BIS Publishers has been creating exceptional books in the field of creativity, business and design for several decades. Our vast collection of books caters to a diverse audience, including kids and adults, providing insightful and inspirational content that sparks curiosity, creativity and imagination.

Our design books are made to help readers explore their creative side, whether they are beginners or professionals in their respective fields. With practical advice, hands-on exercises and thought-provoking insights, our books stimulate the creative process. Design enthusiasts will find an impressive collection of books that explore the principles, techniques and history of a range of design disciplines, including graphic design and industrial design. Some of our popular titles include “Design Journeys Through Complex Systems”, “Design Thinking and Social Construction” and “Design for Sustainability Survival Guide”.

For business-minded individuals, BIS Publishers has a range of books that cover various topics like marketing, branding, entrepreneurship and innovation. Our business books are designed to help readers navigate the ever-changing business landscape by offering valuable tips and advice from experts in the field. “Leadership by Design”, “Dragon Tactics” and “Know Your Onions” are some of our more popular books.

BIS Publishers has books for our younger audience as well, which are both educational and entertaining. Including topics like creativity and maths, our books are designed to spark curiosity and imagination in young minds. Feel free to check out “Creative Block: Kids” and “Little Creative Thinkers’ Exercise Book”.

Overall, BIS Publishers is committed to creating books that inspire and inform readers across all ages and interests. Our collection of books provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration that is accessible to everyone. Whether you're looking to explore your creative side, start your own business, learn about the principles of design, or introduce your child to the world of learning, BIS Publishers has a book for you. With our passion for creativity, innovation, and design, BIS Publishers is undoubtedly a top publisher to keep on your radar.

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