David Carlson Make Design Matter

Make Design Matter

This little Red Book presents a pocket size guide to meaningful design. The guide is an important iterative and strategic approach based on holistic thinking, shared wisdom, and reflective insights, and will help you to make design better -and matter...
€14,99 Incl. tax
Lianne Simonse Design Roadmapping

Design Roadmapping

DESIGN ROADMAPPING is for anyone interested in design, strategy and innovation, and its wonderful combinations. For those who dare to create a future vision, frame the time pacing and map the pathways towards it.
€39,99 Incl. tax
The Form of Design

The Form of Design

The Form of Design is the first all-encompassing book about the visual language of man-made products. Explaining how mass produced objects evolve over time and what made them change.
€35,00 Incl. tax
Sofie Beier Type Tricks

Type Tricks

Typographic guidelines are hard to remember. With this book you don’t have to remember every single one of them. The book contains a number of tricks that designers need to know and understand.
€16,99 Incl. tax
Roland van der Vorst Contrarian Branding

Contrarian Branding

Contrarian Branding is a must for brands eager to stand out. It explains how you use polarity; a sophisticated technique to set brands apart from all other competitors in a radical way.
€17,99 Incl. tax
Lucy Kimbell The Service Innovation Handbook

The Service Innovation Handbook

This is an action-oriented book for managers and entrepreneurs searching ways to tackle issues they face in terms of developing and delivering services. The book focuses on service organizations, with a broad interpretation of services.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Don't Buy this Book

Don't Buy this Book

Make the right choices to achieve your goals as a creative entrepreneur
€19,99 Incl. tax
Geurt Jan de Heus Mastering the Art of Negotiation

Mastering the Art of Negotiation

The art of negotiation is in searching together for possibilities that serve as many interests as possible. In times where ‘win as much as you can’ is on the rise worldwide, this is a refreshing alternative.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Erik Bär and Stan Boshouwers Worlds of Wonder

Worlds of Wonder

Modern organizations are looking for ways to really engage their clients. Consumers become audiences, looking for true and heartfelt experiences. This book provides answers for everyone who wants to turn this into reality.
€39,99 Incl. tax
Stefanie Jansen and Maarten Pieters The 7 Principles of Complete Co-Creation

The 7 Principles of Complete Co-Creation

This practical, comprehensive how-to co-create handbook provides a unique and practical view on co-creation, placing end-users at the core of any co-creation process.
€35,00 Incl. tax
Jurgen Salenbacher Creative Personal Branding

Creative Personal Branding

In six chapters, Jürgen Salenbacher describes the importance, especially in the creative industries to collaborate, inspire, and participate creatively and yet efficiently to achieve goals in the global market.
€19,99 Incl. tax
George Lois LOIS Logos

LOIS Logos

George Lois is an icon in graphic design and author of the bestseller Damn Good Advice. LOIS Logos showcases his logos with his own comments on why they work and what makes them successful.
€24,99 Incl. tax
Majid Iqbal Thinking in Services

Thinking in Services

Revolutionary theory on services, diving into the DNA of services and vocalizing a framework that forms the foundation of each service.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Carola Verschoor Change Ahead

Change Ahead

You need an adventurous mindset in order to grow businesses that last. This book focuses on emerging practices at the intersection of business strategy, research and design.
€34,99 Incl. tax
1:1 One to One

1:1 One to One

A manual for retail brand and formula development. The book is practical, inspirational and offers many practical examples and cases.
€39,00 Incl. tax
Gijs van Wulfen The Innovation Maze

The Innovation Maze

Need help taking your idea to the next level? Do yourself a favor and read The Innovation Maze. An incredibly interesting and practical step-by-step guide towards your new business case.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Jeroen van Geel Pitching Ideas

Pitching Ideas

Find the essence of the idea you want to get across and convince the right people.
€17,99 Incl. tax
Baires Raffaelli The Fast Guide to Architectural Form

The Fast Guide to Architectural Form

While staying on theoretical ground, this book is foremost a visual guide. It’s practical and guides you to the basic forms and shapes in architectural planning and design.
€13,99 Incl. tax
Annemiek van Boeijen, Jaap Daalhuizen and Jelle Zijlstra Delft Design Guide

Delft Design Guide

In this revised edition (2020) of Delft Design Guide, you will find 11 perspectives on design, 6 models that describe how design works as an activity, 12 approaches that describe part of the design process, and 68 design methods.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Paul Ketelaar, Jan Aarts, Sanne Demir 23 Innovations in Digital Communication

23 Innovations in Digital Communication

Understand current and future innovations in the media landscape to raise awareness of and give advice on the potential benefits and drawback of new communication technologies and practices helping to inform public and commercial debate and decisions.
€39,99 Incl. tax
André Schaminée Designing With and Within Public Organizations

Designing With and Within Public Organizations

Design practices increasingly appeal to public organizations as a new and promising approach, but how can we make collaboration between designers and public sector innovators successful?
€34,99 Incl. tax
Gijs van Wulfen The Innovation Expedition

The Innovation Expedition

The Innovation Expedition does for innovation what Alexander Osterwalder's mega bestseller Business Model Generation did for business modeling: it makes a complicated business subject very accessible by telling the story in a visual way.
€34,99 Incl. tax
Walter Vandervelde When the Box is the Limit

When the Box is the Limit

Restraints accelerate creativity, the driving force behind innovation. This book provides multiple inspiring examples and techniques on how to use natural or self-imposed constraints to the benefit of creativity and innovation.
€24,99 Incl. tax
Joris van Dooren and Coen Luijten Creativity Works!

Creativity Works!

Creativity Works! gives you great instructions on successfully prototyping and selling your ideas, solutions and concepts. Let’s beat the robot and work happily ever after!
€15,99 Incl. tax
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BIS Publishers is a top quality publishing company that creates books for students, professionals, and the general consumer on the creative arts and creative business. Our books are designed to help individuals grow their skills, organisations and creativity and inspire others to grow theirs, with our extensive collection of books on various topics, including design, advertising, entrepreneurship, and more. 

One of the standout books from BIS Publishers is "Design Play Change", by Agnes Willenborg and Wina Smeenk. Providing readers with 36 design methods that will help shift the creative process of the reader, this book will help them work collaboratively to overcome problems they face. As an excellent resource for students, teachers, passionate entrepreneurs and project managers, readers can feel confident when facing societal, ecological, cultural, organisational or strategic problems. 

BIS Publishers also offers a range of books on design, to help businesses improve on their branding and design efforts. Covering a wide range of topics, our design books cover graphic design, architecture and interior design. For any business looking to improve their visual identity, our books can help them create a strong brand image.

Alongside our design books, BIS Publishers also has a range of books on entrepreneurship and innovation. Designed to help individuals develop their entrepreneurial skills and creative innovative products and services, they cover topics such as idea generation, product development and business strategy. Perfect for businesses that are looking to create new products or services, our books can help organisations stay ahead of the competition.

Overall, BIS Publishers offers a wide range of books that can be helpful for businesses in various industries. Designed to be visually appealing and intellectually stimulating, our books are an excellent choice for individuals who want to learn more about creativity and business. Our commitment to creativity and innovation shows in our products, making them a unique and engaging gift or resource.

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