How to Research Trends Workbook

A workbook guiding you through the cycle of trend research. To use alongside How to Research Trends.
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Els Dragt
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Have you ever wondered how you can research the future? Trend research is a powerful method to detect and recognise change at an early stage. This DIY guide has been developed to show you the way in the trend research cycle. It will help you to find direction and which corners to take when you are scanning, analysing and applying the trends for any type of challenge or topic. This guide is to be used in combination with the book How to Research Trends.

You can use it to challenge yourself or your team to ‘learn-by-doing’. For easy usage, the guide follows the same structure as the book and it has the same colour coding and signage navigation. Don’t just read How to Research Trends, get yourself into the action mode! The guide is not linear, it does not have to be followed step-by-step in a rigid manner. You can create your own itinerary. Use it whenever you feel you the need for guidance or inspiration.


Els Dragt feels that being curious is certainly not a crime. She is an independent trainer, lecturer, researcher and author with 20 years of experience. Els travels the globe to stimulate professionals and students to create more human-centered innovation. She activates you to look elsewhere, ask questions and explore more. Els published several research related books, such as ‘How to Research Trends’ and ‘Dare to Ask’.




“At WDKA we are using How to Research Trends in a module on creating urban leisure visions. The trend framework in the book is very clear and allows students to spot manifestations of change within our course timespan of only a few weeks. The scope of trend research presented in the book helps students to understand abstract trends by looking at signs of change happening right now. This makes this book of added value in our study program.”

Lecturer Leisure and Event Management at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam on How to Research Trends

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ISBN: 978 94 9293 800 8
Author: Catharine Slade-Brooking
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 23 x 19 cm
Pages: 160

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