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Bestselling books, gifts and games by BIS Publishers

Discover the best BIS Publishers has to offer and find your new favourite innovation and creativity books, games and gifts.

All bestsellers by BIS Publishers on one page

BIS Publishers offers a wide variety of books, games and gifts for professionals, entrepreneurs and students alike. With our broad range of designed products on creative thinking and finding new perspectives, you can easily get lost in our offerings. That’s why we’ve collected all of our bestselling products on this page. Numerous other creatives have found their new favorite title by perusing this shortlist, are you the next one?


Find the perfect gift for that creative student or an ambitious entrepreneur

Is someone’s birthday, graduation, business anniversary or another celebration coming up and you’re having a hard time finding the best gift? That’s exactly why we’ve selected these products for you. These best selling products have helped countless people worldwide to both give the best gift while the recipient changed their perspective on business or life itself. From light and breezy games to serious books, you’ll find a gift for everyone on any occasion.


Bestselling creative books and gifts by BIS Publishers

Give your creativity a boost, both in your personal life as in a professional setting. Finding a new perspective helps you to see things with fresh eyes and come up with creative solutions. Break out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to approach challenging situations from a creativity point of view. The products that are listed on this page are bestsellers because they’re proven concepts. They’ve helped change the perspective of thousands of people, so they also might work for you!

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