The Seven Laws of Guaranteed Growth

BITSING: The world's first business management model that guarantees success

The BITSING growth model is a scientifically proven methodology and predicts results by using facts. It's hugely successful in The Netherlands and now available in English. A humbug free, action oriented, visual business book that works!
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Frans de Groot
Article number: 9789063694135
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This book provides valuable insights for CEOs, as well as financial, commercial, and marketing directors/managers, business owners, startups, and students.

Businesses are on the lookout for the one methodology that singlehandedly helps to achieve their goals, and definitively address issues such as “what needs to done” and “which activities to avoid”. With BITSING, a scientifically proven methodology, you are able to predict results by using facts in order to be 100% certain of achieving goals. This book enables factual insight into (positive) financial returns, in advance of executing strategies accordingly. BITSING can be applied by the biggest multinational to the smallest startup.

The 7 laws in this book guide you through the process of improving your business strategy. With chapters like How to be Unbeatable, Realise Effective Campaigns, and Ensure That You Reach Your Goals, the author explains how this methodology works and how to implement it in your own business. By using examples, illustrations, and insights, this book provides multiple entry points for readers who want to execute the BITSING strategy accordingly.

As a result of working closely with several universities, the methodology is scientifically validated, in addition to its proven performance within numerous organisations and businesses. Shell International, Hewlett Packard EMEA, and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen are amongst those that have benefited from this method, by using it to meet targets time and time again. Some have experienced exponential growth and reached the magic level of 300%.

This book offers advice, tools, and direction in what is required in your organisation to achieve goals. The methodology increases efficiency without sacrificing jobs, and has even helped to stimulate employment, including recruiting top talent. BITSING has also boosted employee performance, changed stakeholder behaviour, and optimised work-life balance.


Frans de Groot is the founder of the revolutionary Bitsing-Methodology and owner of The Bitsing Company, Amsterdam. Frans worked twenty years developing his method, which brings breathtaking results to the organizations that uses it. Organizations that work with the method unquestionably achieve their goals with predicted results and profitability


“From the ‘pillars’ of invincibility for personal success and how looking at competition and adversity can provide tools for achievement and victory in a competitive market to converting goals into measurable actions and understanding the importance of refocusing attention, The Seven Laws of Guaranteed Growth is much more powerfully specific than most, more accessible, and ten times more relevant to artistic achievement than the majority of business books on the market - even those purporting to appeal especially to artists. Very highly recommended, it reaches well beyond its business roots!”

“The beauty of BITS is that the campaign becomes predictable and it ALWAYS starts with Sales and the profit margin from sales. Because that is the maximum budget available for the campaign. The sales will tell you the traffic you need (website visits, sales meetings, etc.), Image will tell you how many potential customers have to like you and Branding will tell you how many need to know about your company. Combine that with a “not-to-copy” message and you have a recipe for marketing success.”

Quote 'Bitsing remains impressive in its simplicity and accuracy'
Sven Kramer -Senior lead strategy and performance management, Europe 

ISBN: 9789063694135
Author: Frans de Groot
Format: Paperback with flaps
Dimensions: 19 x 24 cm
Pages: 156

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