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Dear author,

We have created an FAQ for questions we have received from authors in past years.

1. Where do I need to send the invoice to?
You can send your invoice to [email protected]. Please include the title + ISBN on the invoice.

2. Do I need to add VAT to the invoice?
In case your address is outside of the Netherlands, no VAT should be added to the amount mentioned on the royalty statement. Only when you or your organization is situated in the Netherlands, VAT (BTW) of 21% should be included on the invoice if you created a game or toolkit with us. For books, you don't have to put VAT on the invoice. An example for games: When royalties are 100 euros, the total invoice should be 121 euros (100 euros + 21% VAT). This may differ per organization, so please contact your tax authority if you have more questions on VAT and royalties.

3. The book or game is created by more then one author. How should we invoice?
You can send a separate invoice per author for the part you agreed upon. The statement shows the total amount of royalties due.

4. I created more books or games, do I need to send separate invoices per product?

No, you can send us one combined invoice.

5. In the past a co-edition (translation) of my book was published. Why is this not shown on the statement?
We only show royalties we received from co-editions done by international publishers relating to the year of the royalty statement. Co-editions are not shown when books are not available on the market anymore or in case an advance payment is paid by the international publisher, the royalties have not reached this payment.

6. Why is my name not mentioned on the overview as a co-author?
Our system connects the book or game to one author. Of course all authors are known to us.

7. Why don’t I receive the royalty statement in January over the past year?
The royalty statement includes sales from different countries and in some cases from different international publishing houses when a co-edition was created. We rely on receiving this data from multiple partners before creating this final overview. In practice, we have to wait until the second quarter before being able to create all royalty overviews.

8. Can I get a description of the terms used in the royalty statement?

Here you can find a short explanation of the terms used in the royalty statement:


  • Copies sold in total (excl author): all copies sold over the years, not including copies bought by author.
  • Copies sold to author: all copies authors bought from us (in case it occurred).
  • Royalties total: this is the total of royalties related to the net turnover (excluding copies bought by authors). This amount includes the royalties for 2023


  • Copies sold (incl. sales to author): total number of copies sold in 2023 including copies bought by author.
  • Copies sold to author: number of copies bought by author in 2023
  • Turnover sales excl author sales: Total sales in 2023. Royalties are based on this amount.
  • Royalties due: the amount of royalties authors can invoice for 2023 based on the sale of the physical book or game. The total amount that can be invoiced is mentioned in text below the table.


  • Print: royalties based on print copies sold
  • Ebooks: royalties based on ebooks sold
  • Co-editions: royalties based on co-editions that are still sold in the market
  • Royalties Due: the sum of all parts. The amount that can be invoiced to us.


If you have other questions, please send an email to [email protected]

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