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Our Digital Collection of the Best eBooks Around.

From digital hits to the best eBook versions of all your favourite titles on the BIS Publishers store! Published in English and Dutch, we’ve got the latest publications in an accessible eBook format.
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eBook Versions of the Best of BIS Publishers 

If you’re embracing the digital revolution and are switching to eBook versions of your favorite books, then this page will supply you with everything you need to make the change as easy as possible. We’ve got all our digital bestsellers in one place, as well as all of the eBook titles currently available on the BIS store.


Find the best options for a paperless education

If you want to share the exciting wealth of creative knowledge that the BIS store offers directly to a friend’s device, then eBooks are the way to go! eBooks are perfect for the modern student or entrepreneur that’s constantly on the go, giving them the opportunity to carry their whole library in the palm of their hand. 


Our highest-rated eBooks delivered directly to your device

No matter what category of book you’re looking for, at BIS Publishers, we’re proud to offer a range of eBook alternatives. From cutting down on space to doing your part to save the environment, you’ll be able to get the most insightful BIS creative works transferred directly to your device. Long gone are the days of shipping times!

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