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Thinking in Services

Understanding and Exploring the Expanding Universe of Services

Introduces a system and method that goes beyond blueprints and customer journey maps.
Majid Iqbal
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Services are such integral parts of the daily life of individuals and organisations that a day without paying for or providing them is inconceivable. They come in so many different “shapes and sizes”, we have difficulty defining them. The universe of services is expanding faster than ever, and along with it new modes of failure arise, exposing us to unexpected costs and risks. Even simple services are dynamic and complex in the way supply meets demand to fulfil a promise. Therefore, when services fail to meet expectations because their design is simplistic or superficial, we are even more disappointed.

This book is about having new eyes and new perspectives for exploring the universe of services, grasping their realities, and deepening our understanding of them; what services really are, what they could be, and why they even exist. Narrowing down on the true nature of services, broadens the possibilities for design.

With simple drawings, symbols, and a few extraordinary words, this book introduces the basis of a design language for services. You do not need a degree in economics, biology, or computer science. Anyone can learn this language, with a little bit of curiosity, imagination, and quiet time.


Majid Iqbal

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ISBN: 978 90 6369 489 0
Author: Majid Iqbal
Format: Paperback with flaps
Dimensions: 23 x 17.5 cm
Pages: 295