You are what you eat Memory Game

Find sets of corresponding cards, and correctly matching a food to its effect on our body.
Marije Vogelzang
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Marije Vogelzang, author of the successful Eat Love book, adds a fantastic new game to the BIS list of creative memory games; and unsurprisingly, it is all about food.
In creating this memory game, Marije Vogelzang selected food that has a specific and consistent effect on our body. In the You Are What You Eat memory game, the task is to find sets of corresponding cards, and correctly matching a food to its effect on our body. Examples include cola and burping, garlic and bad breath, pepper and sneezing, spinach and physical strength and so on.
Beautifully photographed and enhanced with funny illustrations by Marije, this game guarantees hours of playing fun around the kitchen table and may inspire players of all ages to experiment with experiencing these effects on their own bodies. Be careful with the red hot chilli peppers!


Having graduated at the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2000, Marije set her mind on creating a new direction in the field of design. After having developed and recently sold two experimental restaurants called ‘PROEF’ in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, she broadened her experiments and developed her vision to design out of the verb of eating. Now she works solo again under her own name.
After 16 years of experience she is considered a pioneer and the ‘Grand dame’ in the field of eating design (De Volkskrant).
Vogelzang works on restaurant concepts as well as long-term medical projects for hospitals. She initiates social projects like workshops to educate and inspire but she also does some extensive work for food industries. She designs art installations and has recently curated some very well perceived exhibitions about eating and design. She recently became head of a new bachelor department about food at the Design Academy Eindhoven called FOOD NON FOOD. Her work has been published and acknowledged globally.

Marije gives inspirational lectures around the world about her work and vision. She has received accolades for her lectures in a.o. Cape Town, New York, Beirut, Bangkok, Dubai, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Norway, Rumania and Berlin.






ISBN: 978 90 6369 272 8
Author: Marije Vogelzang
Format: 2 x 25 cards
Dimensions: 14.5 x 7.5 x 4.5 cm

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