Storytelling on Steroids - eBook

10 stories that hijacked the cultural conversation

This book explains the why, what and how of storytelling. Weich explores the campaigns, stunts, exhibitions, visualizations and shenanigans that helped make storytelling a buzzword in global communication.
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John Weich
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Storytelling is pop culture’s ‘weapon’ of choice to connect, engage and ultimately convince. Every TV ad a compelling movie? Every Facebook post a contagious piece of content? Every infographic a work of art? Yes, please. Tell me where to sign up!

Right now, this very minute, a junior copywriter is adding “storyteller” to his Facebook profile. There is a gaming developer doing the same on LinkedIn. A PR agent is casually including “teller of stories” in his Twitter bio. Graphic designers, journalists, editors, broadcasters, coders, model makers, set designers, ginormous brands, ocean explorers, astronauts, schoolteachers, CEOs, marketing directors, creative consultants and trend watchers are peppering their websites, blogs and email signatures with the word “storytelling.”

In Storytelling on Steroids, editor and adman John Weich finds out why. Where did all this storytelling come from? Why are so many professionals suddenly so eager to spread the storytelling gospel? And who blazed the trail for an Age of Storytelling in mainstream communication?

In his compact, fast-moving book, Weich explores the iconic brands, cultural movements and social technologies that have contributed most to storytelling’s rise in mainstream creativity and communication. Along the way, he calls out countless pop culture darlings to make his case: Batman, Banksy, Tomb Raider, TED Talks, Radiohead, Jay-Z, BMW and New York Times infographics. He even raves about a powerful little campaign about the worst hotel in the world.

What we’re experiencing isn’t a radical new movement but a storytelling renaissance, one fueled by addictive technologies, the abundance of choice and … you! You and the billion others engaged in the most massive and shamelessly personal storytelling experiment in the history of humankind: social media.


John Weich is American and a great storyteller and public relations wizard! Currently Creator & Editorial Director at Monumental Propaganda and columnist at Wallpaper*


eBook version - also available in paperback


"Storytelling on Steroids will give even the most ad-hardened civilians a great insight into how the modern world works." 
- Wallpaper magazine

"John Weich has written an exceptionally well crafted book that delves into the motivation, craft, timing, culture, mechanics and myths of modern storytelling. By drilling down into specific case studies, he's provided insight to inspire rather than a roadmap to mindlessly follow. A must read for those looking to create and connect in this space." 
- Susan Bonds, CEO & Founder, 42 Entertainment



"Need to enhance your brand's performance? Take this steroid.” 
- Rob Schwarz, Global Creative President TWBA Worldwide


ISBN: 978 90 6369 311 4
Author: John Weich
Format: Ebook
Pages: 160

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