Adult cards

Abramovic Method

Abramovic Method

Instruction Cards to Reboot Your Life
€18,50 Incl. tax
Tattoo Playing Cards

Tattoo Playing Cards

€15,99 Incl. tax
Period Power

Period Power

Get your cycle working for you: a deck of 48 cards
€18,50 Incl. tax
Angels for the Modern Mystic

Angels for the Modern Mystic

44 Cards with Healing Powers
€18,50 Incl. tax
Debora Robertson Do You Know Your Dogs?

Do You Know Your Dogs?

Love dogs but wish you knew more about them? Brush up on your canine companions using these quiz cards and you'll be leading the pack in no time.
€18,50 Incl. tax
Ryuto Miyake & Tony Kirkham Tree Families

Tree Families

Discover eleven of the most beautiful flowering, fruiting trees with Ryuto Miyake's stunning, detailed illustrations and text about each tree written by the Head of the Arboretum at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.
€15,99 Incl. tax
Tony Kirkham, illustrations by Holly Exley Tree Vision

Tree Vision

Learn to read the leaves using these flashcards and youÕll have the differences between tree species down in no time!
€18,50 Incl. tax
Leander Deeny and Nicky Hoberman, illustrations by Hiromi Suzuki Story Out of the Box

Story Out of the Box

Unleash thousands of stories from the depths of your imagination! Pick a subject card and a technique card and use them to create your own madcap tales.
€18,50 Incl. tax
Laurence King Publishing Body Language Decoder

Body Language Decoder

Learning to decode nonverbal communication can be a great tool to help us understand other people's thoughts and feelings, and it can help us make ourselves better understood too.
€18,50 Incl. tax
Shuku Nishi Ways of Tuning Your Senses

Ways of Tuning Your Senses

Take a break from the madness, and from your smartphone, and rediscover the magic of the world around you with prompts that encourage you to experience the wonder of being alive.
€15,99 Incl. tax
Rachelle Baker Genius TV

Genius TV

Bring some drama to your card table with 54 of the most influential TV stars and series creators, arranged into four suits!
€9,99 Incl. tax
Alice Tye & Rowan Blossom Floriography


With Floriography you can use them to pass secret codes, uncover hidden feelings and be sure your gifts aren't getting lost in translation.
€18,50 Incl. tax
Laura Gladwin, illustrations by Marcel George Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Collect illustrated cards of 52 iconic drinks and group them into sets of four to win
€18,50 Incl. tax
Nicky Hoberman, illustrations by Hiromi Suzuki Art Out of the Box

Art Out of the Box

Unleash thousands of drawing possibilities!
€18,50 Incl. tax
Charles Maclean Whisky Poker

Whisky Poker

This illustrated deck of playing cards is perfect for dram after dram of whisky, or Whisky Poker or any other card game.
€15,99 Incl. tax
Joshua Jara Kercher Photographic Memory

Photographic Memory

Do you ever wish you had a photographic memory? Imprint 25 classic photographs on your mind by matching the two halves of the image and piecing together the history of photography in the process.
€18,50 Incl. tax
The Fickle Finger of Fate Erotic Tarot

Erotic Tarot

A gorgeous deck of fully functional tarot cards based on traditional tarot iconography, illustrated with an erotic twist by Sofie Birkin.
€18,50 Incl. tax
Illustrations by Lesley Buckingham The Writers Game

The Writers Game

The pen is mightier than the sword, but whose pen is the mightiest of them all? Pit 32 of the greatest writers of all time against each other with these illustrated cards.
€17,99 Incl. tax
Theresa Cheung, illustrations by Camilla Perkins Runes for Modern Life

Runes for Modern Life

Use these cards to find deeper meaning in your life, with a detailed booklet explains the different interpretations of each rune and offers various ways to use them for the present day.
€18,50 Incl. tax
Bijou Karman Genius Movies

Genius Movies

Bring some stardust to your card table with 54 of the most influential movie directors and stars, arranged into four suits!
€9,99 Incl. tax
Grace Helmer Ways of Travelling

Ways of Travelling

Rediscover the wonder of travel, wherever you find yourself. See the world with fresh eyes with these exciting and unusual suggestions.
€15,99 Incl. tax
Gavin Pretor-Pinney & Marcel George Cloud Spotter

Cloud Spotter

Learn the difference between common cloud types (do you know your cirrostratus from your cumulonimbus?) and find out which is most likely to herald the arrival of the rains or approaching fair weather.
€15,99 Incl. tax
Linn Martinsen (Dip Couns, MBACP) Therapy Toolkit

Therapy Toolkit

Includes 60 cards devised by an experienced and qualified therapist - each featuring questions and reflections that emulate the process of therapy. Split into four categories and peer-reviewed, the guiding questions offer a simple first step into therapy.
€18,50 Incl. tax
Concept by Angus Hyland, text by Tom Parkinson, illustrations by Dave Hopkins Musical Experiments for After Dinner

Musical Experiments for After Dinner

Hilarious sound and dinner experiments for after dinner
€18,50 Incl. tax
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