How to Research Trends

Move Beyond Trendwatching to Kickstart Innovation

This book shows you how to use trend research to explore the future. You’ll learn to scan the environment for signs of change, analyse trend spots and apply insights to kickstart innovation.
Els Dragt
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Understanding trends, the emerging values and needs of groups in society provides you with a foundation to innovate and create change. This book gives you a candid and unbiased overview of the trend research process. lt brings a structured, research-based approach to the table instead of a crystal ball.

'How to Research Trends' is practical, hands-on and offers multiple perspectives on researching trends for professionals and trend students around the globe. lt shows you that researching trends is a skill that combines the intuitive and the analytical.

This book is written for everyone interested in human-centred innovation and for everyone interested in learning more about trend research. Trend research includes so much more than just hypes, styles and the latest gadgets. It studies change and provides an analysis of emerging shifts in people’s needs and wants. These trend insights are essential during any innovation process as a foundation to create future proof concepts that improve people’s quality of life.

Based on a 3 step method, you will learn in a hands-on way to scan your environment for signs of change, analyse your trend spots and apply your trend insights to kick start innovation. This book synthesises existing theories, concepts and ideas on trend research. The interviews with experts and students will guide you on your trend journey. This will help you to innovate and create change in the short and long term and execute your own trend research.


Els Dragt feels that being curious is certainly not a crime. She is an independent trainer, lecturer, researcher and author with 20 years of experience. Els travels the globe to stimulate professionals and students to create more human-centered innovation. She activates you to look elsewhere, ask questions and explore more. Els published several research related books, such as ‘How to Research Trends’ and ‘Dare to Ask’.


“What I like most about it, as its title suggests, is its practical, no-nonsense approach. She clearly realizes that the more legwork and analysis the trend-watcher puts into his or her pronouncements, the more likely they are to actually come to pass.” 
- Joseph Rydholm, editor of Quirk's Marketing Research Review


"Her approach to trends research is structured and unbiased, away from crystal ball gazing and offers practical hands-on techniques to researching trends. Dragt explains multiple ways to combine intuitive and analytical research to track and record change and emerging shifts in the needs and wants of people and consumers."

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ISBN: 978 90 6369 433 3
Author: Els Dragt
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 23 x 19 cm
Pages: 200


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