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What’s Coming Soon To BIS Publishers?

Get a full breakdown of everything that’s coming soon to the BIS Publishers store across all gifts, games, and books - in both English and Dutch!

The One-Stop-Shop of Everything That’s Coming Soon 

If you’re looking to take a step into the future, then take a look at the coming soon page. Here, you’ll find all the future texts and games that BIS will be publishing shortly. From there, you’ll be able to pre-order and add them to your basket and ensure you get them before anyone else. If you’re the first to order, you’ll be the very first person to get it and will receive special promotions!


Stay One Step Ahead Of The Crowd

If you’re looking for a trendy gift to give, then what better way to ensure you’re not getting something a friend already has than by selecting a pre-order. They’ll get the game or text the very same day it releases, making sure they’re always one step ahead of the crowd. You’ll be able to help your friends and colleagues build their innovation skills with ease! If you’re looking for a trendy new hit, then take a look at all of the products of tomorrow. 


The Creative Perspectives of Tomorrow 

At BIS Publishers, we’re proud of publishing the most creative authors, exciting fresh perspectives, and diverse speakers from around the globe. If you’re looking for a book, in either Dutch or English, that will make you think, then look no further. All of these products are coming soon and are sure to make a splash when they arrive! 

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