Joyce Yee, Emma Jefferies and Kamil Michlewski

Transformations: 7 Roles to Drive Change by Design

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Design is now the key driver of innovation and change within organizations across the globe. Learn how, when and why to use design to drive change in your organization.
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  • 978 90 6369 457 9 
Joyce Yee, Emma Jefferies and Kamil Michlewski
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Tracking how design has changed in previous book Design Transitions has inevitably led the authors to explore how organisations are changing using design. Design is now the key driver of innovation and change within organisations across the globe. It is therefore important to learn how, when and why to use design to drive change in your organisation.

Transformations documents how design is being used to support change across different organisations, countries and sectors, sharing the stories of experts in their fields at varying stages of their transformative journeys. The authors present seven roles for change that are used to influence the development of products and services, the shape of the organisation itself and, most importantly, their ability to embrace change. These seven roles can transform organisations to be more innovative, human-centred and resilient: Cultural Catalyst; Framework Maker; Humaniser; Power Broker; Friendly Challenger; Technology Enabler and Community Builder.

Well-documented case studies offer readers insight into how design strategies can be successfully activated in different types of organisation. The seven roles offer both designers and non-designers a common language and framework to support design-driven transformation. Transformations, in the right hands, is a potent tool to understand, shape and implement design-driven change.

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Joyce Yee, PhD is an Associate Professor at Northumbria University’s Design School in the UK. Emma Jefferies, PhD is an independent business coach and service designer. Kamil Michlewski, PhD is a Senior Innovation Consultant at Human Innovation.

Press  'We have heard a lot about “design thinking” in recent years; this book helps us think about “design doing”. Fascinating case studies and interviews withdesign consultants, industry leaders, and key academics provide the foundation for an intriguing investigation into the various roles that design plays in transforming cultures, products and infrastructures. Whether you are looking for a way to communicate or reflect on your design practices and ideas, or if you simply want to glance into how design is practiced in a number of disparate organisations, this book is for you.'
Elizabeth F. Churchill -Director of User Experience, Google and current Secretary/Treasurer of the ACM

'This is a useful book for anyone who wants to embed design as a core approach in their organisation. It clearly articulates seven roles and related activities that enable organisational transformation, as well as well-documented case studies that show how design strategies can be successfully activated in different types of organisations. This book will be a useful guide for leaders, managers and front-line employees who want
to understand and implement design transformation.'
Dave Gray -Founder of XPLANE and author of Liminal Thinking

Quote 'Business readers now have a smart and practical primer on design thinking. This book is easily navigable and layered so you can mine it quickly for the headline, dig deeper through the case studies or go further in to the tools and methods on-line. They present seven well-evidenced roles that unfold in the book as a check-list for anyone in business concerned with turning complex systems into simple eortless services for customers. This book gets my vote as a great new addition to the pantheon of writings on why and how to design change in your company.'
David Kester- Founder, Design Thinkers Academy, London

ISBN: 978 90 6369 457 9
Author: Joyce Yee, Emma Jefferies and Kamil Michlewski
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 23.4 x 15.5 cm
Pages: 256