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A Trump Card Game

Shark-themed trump card game including little-known facts and unusual shark species.
Kelsey Oseid
Article number: 9781786271990
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Which is more dangerous, the great white or the tiger shark? Which is faster, the hammerhead or the basking shark? Which shark hides from predators by wedging itself into a crevice and filling with seawater? Stage the ultimate shark attack with these 32 fun and fascinating trump cards to find out who's great and who's bait...


Kelsey Oseid is a freelance illustrator, artist and self-professed shark nerd based in Minneapolis. Her first book, What We See in the Stars, published in 2017.




€ 9.90 - Available from April 2018


ISBN: 978 17 8627 199 0
Author: Kelsey Oseid
Format: Boxed set
Dimensions: 10.5 x 7 x 1.9cm
33 cards