Kendra Wilson

My Garden is a Car Park

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Read My Garden is a Car Park to discover fun ways of tackling common gardening problems
  • Flexibind 
  • 144 pages 
  • 22.8 x 16 cm 
  • ISBN 978 17 8067 925 9 
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Do you share your garden with a car? Worried that your neighbour's trees are blocking your light? Is your garden too big? Too small? An awkward shape? Or maybe you just don't know where to beginÉ Whether you are grappling with a particular dilemma or just need some inspiration, this guide leads the way forward with sharp design advice and beautiful images. Read this book and the prospect of tackling your own garden will seem suddenly less daunting and more fun.


Kendra Wilson has access to some of the most remarkable gardens in England, while dissecting them for the American online publication Gardenista. With experience as a writer, picture editor and designer for Vogue, CondŽ Nast Traveler and Observer Food Monthly, she brings her unique perspective to the way gardens look and why they work.





ISBN: 978 17 8067 925 9
Author: Kendra Wilson
Format: Flexibind
Dimensions: 22.8 x 16 cm
Pages: 144